I am running for the San Francisco Board of Education this November because I believe in public education and want to ensure that our teachers, administrators, students and parents have the resources they need to achieve excellence. I know you would agree that it takes more than just passion to serve the children of San Francisco…it takes experience.

For the past 10-years, I have dedicated myself to supporting, improving and advocating for public schools. I have championed education issues as a parent, a preschool teacher, a co-chair of my children’s school site council, a PTA Vice-President and a classroom volunteer.

My unique experience and skills in education affords me the knowledge to intimately understand the inter-workings of public schools and how they can best serve our children.

If elected to the San Francisco Board of Education, I want to focus my legislative priorities on:

  1. Working towards providing fair and equitable opportunities for all of our students throughout the city and to support those providing the opportunities to our students.
  2. Building a coalition of support for public education – ensuring that all stakeholders are invited to and represented at the table and that every public citizen takes responsibility for our schools and the success of our students.
  3. Hiring a Superintendent – I will actively participate in the recruitment and hiring of a qualified urban Superintendent.My legislative priorities will focus around program and leadership development, developing and building stronger partnerships with the city and the greater community to build a ground swell of support for public education and increasing successful programs that benefit our youth.